What Is The Life Expectancy of PEX Plumbing?

Tired of your pipes bursting and always having to call for repairs? Repiping is great option to replacing those faulty and malfunctioning pipes. There are many piping options on the market, so narrowing down and choosing the best one for you is important. Consider your budget, how long you plan to live in the house, and if you don’t mind metallic tasting water from it flowing in metal pipes. Two durable and common forms of piping are the copper pipe and PEX pipe. If you are interested in learning whether copper or PEX plumbing would be better for your home, keep reading! If you have any questions, you can call Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing and AC at (512) 260-7889 .

Is PEX Plumbing As Good As Copper?

Copper Pipes Can Burst When Frozen, Where a Plastic PEX Pipe Won’t

If you are looking to save money, PEX plumbing is definitely cheaper than copper. In fact, a PEX pipe will cost about 25 percent less than what copper pipes run for. Copper does last longer, with a lifespan of 40 to 60 years. A PEX pipe has a warranty of 25 years, but homeowners have PEX plumbing that is older than that and still running just fine. The metal pipes cannot bend well and aren’t good for small homes and tight spaces. On the contrary, PEX plumbing is made out of plastic and is very flexible, so they are better than copper for cramped spaces. A PEX pipe also installs way quicker than copper piping because the installation process is simpler with plastic compared to metal, as the plastic is simply snapped into place in its connector fittings or crimp rings.

How Safe is PEX Piping?

PEX plumbing is safer than copper plumbing! Since it is a newer invention compared to the tried-and-true copper piping, plumbers are still wary of it. Copper pipes are heavier and distributes chemicals and minerals from the metal lining into your drinking water every time water flows through the pipes. Copper will eventually rust over time, leaving sediment deposits in the pipes that will create clogs and require repairs. When a copper pipe freezes, it expands and bursts. A PEX pipe can extend more than eight times its size before it bursts! Since a PEX pipe is made out of plastic, it will never rust or leave sediment in the water. It is also lighter than metal pipes.

Call Us for Repiping Services

Should there ever be a clog, PEX plumbing is easy to take apart to remove the blockage and put back together again. Plastic is readily more available and affordable than metal, so should you ever need a replacement part, PEX piping will be cheaper and quicker to get. PEX plumbing is more affordable and has more benefits than copper plumbing. To get PEX plumbing repairs or installation services, call Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing and AC at (512) 260-7889 today.