Is It Time to Have a Water Softener Installed?

Hard water is a threat to your home and your well being. It affect the cleanliness of your home and the radiance of your skin and hair. Avoid the negative effect of hard water by knowing the signs and making the appropriate changes. Call a plumber to install a water softener in Austin, TX today.

How Do You Know If You Need a Water Softener?

water softener in Austin, TX

Don’t let the negative affects hard water challenge your well being.

Do you clothes, hair and skin feel dry and brittle? Especially if you’re not used to feeling like this, you could be suffering from using hard water supply in your home. The main ways to tell are to examine the items you’ve recently cleaned including your skin, apparel, dishes, bathroom and kitchen.

If you’ve got hard water running in your taps, then the soap you use for various jobs around the house is useless. Soap suddenly becomes ineffective when magnesium and calcium fight off its useful properties.

Check the bathroom – are you seeing thick white, toothpaste like film on the sinks and showers? Those are hard water deposits. If hard water deposits have not yet begun to clog your shower head and smaller faucets yet, they might. Take some action and get a soft water filtration system going.

The worse thing about hard water is that magnesium and calcium buildups corrode your plumbing system, breaking pipes down from the inside. With burst pipes, you risk the waste of water, higher water bills and loss of water function in the home.

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Contact a local plumbing authority to sort out a hard water situation today. Lantzs Lakeside Plumbing can install a water softener in Austin, TX for your home today. Do it to cut down on mineral deposits in water. Then you can enjoy the wonders of soft water again and not have to worry about corroding pipes beneath your home. Call now for more information.