Water Heater Service

Our licensed plumbing technicians are experienced at installing and servicing the many different variations of water heaters. Have you noticed any rust on your water heater? Have you turned on your taps and was surprised by discolored water? These are all problems from your water heater and should be taken seriously to avoid future issues or failure. Even a small leak from the pipes surrounding the tank should be a concern. Whether your water is not heating or your water heater is knocking, we have got your back and can get your water heater back on track. Call today at (512) 267-1188 and we’ll schedule an appointment to treat your water heater.

Tankless Vs. Tank Water Heaters

Photo of Water HeaterHere in Leander and Lago Vista, TX, we have a great many people who’s homes came with either Tank or Storage Water Heaters or Tankless Water Heaters. While we are licensed and tenured on all kinds of water heaters, we always suggest tankless water heaters to those seeking to replace their old unit. Storage water heaters are large, bulky and are run on natural gas or electricity. These heaters are unwieldy and take a huge amount of space from your home. While natural gas is inexpensive, it can only heat your water when you have it on hand. They are also more harmful toward the environment.

Tankless are compact, eco-friendly water heaters that can be placed virtually anywhere and use far less power than its tank counterpart, saving you on utilities in the long run. They are called instantaneous because they provide an endless supply of hot water for your every day needs, no wait necessary. Tankless water heaters also last 20 years, which is double the average life span of a storage water heater at a mere 8 to 10 years.  Whether it is out of necessity or if you just want to update your model, we will be more than happy to install your new water heater today. Give us a call today at (512) 267-1188 and one of our representatives will gladly answer any questions you have on the different kinds of available water heaters and their installation.