Toilet Repair

Toilet repair could be a necessity in your home already and you may not even realize it. Toilets have various little tells to indicate that they need service or repair that have quick temporary fixes, leading most people to put off toilet repair until it is an absolute emergency. Do not wait until the last moment for a toilet repair. If your toilet requires a handle jiggle to stop running, give us a call today at (512) 267-1188 for our top-notch toilet repair and inspection service.

This handle jiggle is a temporary fix for a larger overall toilet problem. Does your toilet rock or seem loose? This could be a simple bolt tightening or it may be the flange needing replacement due to poor installation. Our expert technicians will repair any toilet issue, whether it be a bad flap or having to install shims for uneven floors. Let us take care of your toilet issues or install your new toilet today! We have got you covered on all your plumbing needs.

Leaks Happen

Photo of Toilet RepairMost believe that you should not call your plumbing service for toilet repair until you have toilet problems such as phantom flushing, where the toilet flushes itself, or your toilet won’t flush and your tub is filling up with water. The truth is that as soon as you have any questionable activity from your toilet you need to call for a toilet repair.

Anything that seems out of the ordinary could indicate that there is a leak from your toilet or a clog in your drain or pipes.  Even if these leaks are small, they are a huge problem. They cause your tank to  constantly or not fill properly at all. The tank water leaks into the toilet and never hits its fill line. The tank then constantly runs. This can adversely affect your water bill, adding at minimum an average of one hundred dollars extra to your utilities! Call us at Lantz Lakeside Plumbing today and we will give you top-notch service for your toilet repair. We offer a flat rate for toilet pull and reset.