Grinder Pump Service

Photo of Grinder Pump Holding TankYour grinder pump is a very important part of your plumbing system. All of your wastewater travels to a tank connected to this pump where, once it reaches its fill line, the grind pump kicks into gear. It grinds down all the waste particles and then sends it away from the home to the septic or sewer system. It may be located in your yard, deep below the frost line, or in your basement. Sometimes, due to grease build up or system damage, the pump may not function or become hyper active, constantly grinding. If you believe your grinder pump may need service, do not do this yourself. This can lead to electrical shock or damage to the system. Give us a call today at (512) 267-1188 and we will get your system back up and running.

At Home Maintenance

There are always ways for your to keep your grinder pump working properly. If you are going out of town for a while, make sure you replace your wastewater with clean water. This will empty your wastewater tank and minimize any odors that could build up. You can do this by running your water until you hear your grinder pump working, then turning off the water. This will clear out any wastewater in your tank before your trip. You should also never throw anything down the drain that could clog your grinder pump or your system. While sanitary wipes and cigarette butts come to mind, here are a couple of other items you may not have known could clog your grinder pump and allow it to back up:

  • Cat Litter
  • Degreasing agents
  • Dental Floss
  • Fireplace Ashes
  • Hard materials such as glass or gravel
  • Oils such as olive oil or motor oil
  • Q-tips

Much like a garbage disposal, grinder pump blades can be damaged by these sort of seemingly benign items.  Grease can also build up within the tank, causing the grinder pump to not register that it needs to empty out the tank. When this happens the pump may stop kicking on, allowing back-up of your plumbing and sewage which can leak back into your yard and your grinder pump alarm going off. Always ensure you dispose of materials in the proper way by reading the label. If your grind pump needs service, we have got you covered. Give us a call today at (512) 267-1188.