How to Prevent Drain Clogs


By Taking These Steps, You Can Prevent Clogs In Your System

When your drain is moving slowly or not at all, you probably have a clog in the line. While drain cleaning can remedy this, dealing with a clog can still be stressful. You may wonder how a clog could have formed in the line and if you could have prevented it. Actually, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent clogs from happening in your plumbing. Follow these steps for your home plumbing and protect your drains.

Steps That You Can Take

Watch What You Dump

With systems like garbage disposals, you may believe that you can throw just about anything down your drain. In recent years, many homeowners have begun to understand that this is not true. Your drains, garbage disposals, and pipes can be easily damaged by things you pour down. Avoid dumping food and grease down the system and dispose of them in another way.

Install Drain Guards

Even when you are careful about what you put down your drains, there can still be items that roll down, collect, and clog your system. Examples of this would be lint in your washer/dryer and hair in your bathtub drain. There are traps and guards you can install to collect these before they fall down your drains, stopping clogs.

Flush Your Drains Occasionally

It can be a good idea to flush your drain with a large amount of water. This can remove clogs and prevent the collection of grease and waste down your pipes. Fill up your sink, tub, or toilet tank with as much water as possible and then release the water down the drain. This is effective for low flow as well as standard systems.

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