Common Hot Water Heater Problems

No hot water? Discolored or smelly water coming from your faucet? Here are a few common hot water heater problems and what might be causing them. While some only need simple, DIY repairs, others require the work of a professional. Remember to be safe when making any repairs yourself!

No Hot Water

hot water heater problemsThe most common problem homeowners experience with a hot water heater is no hot water. This is often the result of a tripped circuit or blown fuse, so check these elements first. If you have a gas water heater, the pilot light may have gone out or gas may not be getting delivered. Remember to always use caution when handling your water heater! If none of these elements seem to be the problem, there are many other elements that could be the culprit, including the thermocouple, heating element, or thermostat.

Rotten Egg Odor

Another common problem with hot water heaters is a rotten egg or sulfur smell, especially if you run off a well system. If you notice this smell, it is likely due to bacteria in the tank reacting with the sacrificial anode. You may need to flush your hot water heater, or replace your old anode with a zinc-alloy one. If you still notice a problem, there are other tips and tricks to alleviate the odor.

Unusual Noises

Do you hear a popping or whining sound coming from your water heater closet? Rumbling or popping can indicate that the water is boiling, which is a very bad problem! This happens when sediment build up in your tank, usually caused by hard water. Try flushing the hot water heater first, but the most likely solution is to replace the corroded parts or get a whole new tank.

When you experience these common hot water heater problems, the solution may require the work of a professional plumber. If you need hot water heater repair or replacement in Austin, TX, call Lantz’s Lakeside Plumbing at (512) 267-1188!