Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Upgraded Bathroom Flooring, Vanity, and Walls

Creating a Stunning Bathroom

Have you ever walked into a bathroom that left your jaw dropped? Finding the balance between money-saving maintenance and cost-effective enhancement can be a struggle. Creating an inviting, clean atmosphere however, is worth the effort!

Today, we’ll discuss how to keep your bathrooms refreshingly clean. Then we’ll into some simple upgrades that add some spice without overtaxing your budget! Afterwards, you should have all the inspiration you’ll need to craft your own gorgeous bathroom space. Let’s get started!

The How Do I Clean My Bathroom Checklist

What is deep cleaning the bathroom, and how often should we do it? We’re not talking about a cursory onceover with the antibacterial wipes. Your bathroom needs a methodical cleaning every month or two to keep those pesky germs at bay. With deep, sanitizing treatment, you’ll be denying mildew, mold, and run-of-the-mill scum an environment to grow in.

Here’s how to do it…

Crucial Cleaning

What are the Most Important Duties When Cleaning a Bathroom?

Keep in mind, the purpose of deep cleaning is not only to present a clean environment to your friends, but to protect you and your family from bacteria and other unwanted hazards. Given the right humidity and warmth, mildew can easily grow inside the space to create a stinky, unsightly room. Nobody wants that.

Key Maintenance Checklist

  • Deep clean the tile (walls and floors).
  • Target the showerhead and bath faucet.
  • Scrub down that toilet.
  • Take on the vanity area.
  • Sanitize the sink.
  • Don’t forget the towel rack!
  • Finish with the drains.

Quick How-To

Start by picking out a sturdy cleaning solution for your tile. While you can always drive to the store to purchase the latest tile cleaning product, a baking soda solution does the job well. For this solution, mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide, then add a little dish soap before you stir it all together into the spray bottle. If you’d like some alternative solutions for cleaning formula, check out this how-to article!

For your drains, we recommend a similar baking soda treatment. Pour a cup into your shower/tub drain and let it sit for up to 5 minutes. Follow with a cup of white vinegar, which will react vigorously with the baking soda to clean out any residue or blockage. Be sure to cover the drain during this process. This mixture can get messy anywhere else, so don’t try to use it for any other cleaning projects. Should the clogs persist, consider calling your local Lago Vista, TX drain cleaning service.

Cleaning Frequency

How Often Should We Clean the Bathroom?

Deep cleaning need only be completed once a month to keep your tile and surfaces looking fresh. Occasional bathroom drain maintenance will also help you avoid nasty clogs. However, families should make a habit of wiping down vanities, sink, and toilet at least once a week. Some guides even recommend an antibacterial wipe down every day.

Support this healthy lifestyle by replacing dirty towels twice a week. Because of the humidity in the bathroom and the way towels are stored, they start harboring bacteria within just a few days. Try to let your towels dry out before hanging them back up each day.

Basic Bathroom Upgrades

How much does a bathroom remodel cost? Do you know? According to Angie’s List, the average remodel project runs anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000. While chasing after the top bathroom upgrades can be exciting – we’re looking at you radiant heat flooring! – you don’t have to dive deep into your wallet when updating bathroom design.

In fact, many of the most enchanting upgrades don’t have to break $1000.

Top Bathroom Upgrades (on a Budget)

  • Upgrade existing lights, or add additional fixtures.
  • Make your own custom towel rack (with cheap misc. items).
  • Consider a classy dresser vanity!
  • Find a brand new, vibrant paint with an anti-mildew finish.
  • Refresh the caulking around the bathroom.
  • Buy used or imperfect granite countertops for the vanity.
  • Install a low flow shower head for luxurious savings.

The big theme here: enhance, rather than replace. Focus on the upgrades that allow you to brighten up the space (which makes your bathroom look bigger)! Also, don’t feel like you need to buy brand new materials for every surface. You can save big by utilizing previously used materials for your countertops and getting creative with cheap antiques (such as old door knobs for towel hangers).

Simple Cleaning Process on Bathtub Faucet

Need Help Cleaning Out Your Drains?

If you want to succeed with your cleaning and upgrade projects, just remember to take things one step at a time. Careful planning is just as important as enthusiasm, especially when it comes to bathroom remodels. Be sure to talk with a professional if you plan to make any changes to your bathroom plumbing system.

Need help fixing up your bathroom? Our seasoned plumbers at Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing and AC would love to help you with everything from bursted pipe repairs to drain cleaning! For more helpful Leander and Lago Vista, TX bathroom cleaning tips, talk with one of our experts at (512) 267-1188!