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Is Trenchless Plumbing the Option for You?

Trenchless Plumbing

Trenchless Plumbing Is a Great Way To Not Make a Huge Mess In Your Yard.

Trenchless sewer repair is an excellent option for your home. In many situations, this is the way you will want to go to avoid the huge mess that comes along with digging up old pipes and replacing them. In the past, pipes had to be dug up and destroyed things like your yard or even had to make you dig up your driveway and end up having to have a driveway installation later on. It has always been a huge hassle to have to have this done and the process was expensive and time consuming on top of all of that. The trenchless plumbing option has made a major change to the way that plumbers do things and the way that they are able to price these kinds of repairs as well. So, what is trenchless pipe repair and how does it all work? A trenchless sewer repair is done when there plumbing issue is underneath your yard or your home and there needs to be a pipe replacement or some kind of repair. This process is very minimally invasive and will not cause a large mess like it would have in the past. It is also pretty quick and because of that, the price of it can go down more than the traditional way would. Less equipment is used and giant machinery to dig holes does not have to be used. Once underground, the pex tubing can be changed out and trenchless pipelining can be done easier than ever. This can also be done on many places that aren’t your home as well. Instead of digging up some streets, a trenchless approach can be used to do trenchless sewer replacement as well. Below, are some of the advantages and signs of using sewer line trenchless technology.

Advantages Of Trenchless Sewer Repair

  • Easier access to the sewer lines
  • Can repair without digging up large portions of the yard
  • No damage to the area around
  • Leaves lawn and cement alone
  • Less of a cost than typical repair with trenches would be
    Offers a permanent fix to the problems that are happening instead of prolonging the problem

Signs That You May Need a Trenchless Repair

  • Some areas of your lawn are much greener than other
  • Problem with toilets, like flushing them or having water drain back down
  • Sinking down into your grass when you walk on it
  • Sewage backup begins to happen
  • Blockage in your pipe from tree roots or other debris

Trenchless Technology Benefits

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to getting a trenchless sewer repair that will need to be taken care of one way or another. If you have a burst pipe that happens, going the trenchless route, will be able to help you save time and a huge mess so that you can get top the problem faster than ever before. Also if you have constant sewer backups, this is a great way to get right to the issue and have it taken care of before it grows to be much worse. You can have a video camera inspection done, to look into the pipes and see what is going on in there. This is a great way to find what you are looking for and know if you are able to use trenchless as a route that will work for you.

When You Can’t Use Trenchless Pipe Repair

In some situations, trenchless sewer repair is not the best way to go. Although it is very common to use trenchless, it is not always the best option and doesn’t have to be used if you don’t want to. Below, we will briefly go over a few times that trenchless might not be the best option. The only way to really know if it is, is to have a plumber out and take a look at the problem at hand. You can always call the team here at Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing by dialing __PHONE__ and we can come out and see what the price would be for either route you took so that you are able to make the best decision for yourself. When you need trenchless pipe repair in Leander and Lago Vista, TX, let us help you.

  • When the cost doesn’t make sense to do the trenchless route, there is no reason to do it. If it will be cheaper to dig a smaller hole, you may want to consider that.
  • When the situation that you are having is well out of the way of your home or anything of significant importance, you may not even care if a trench has to be dug. Sometimes it is cheaper to not do trenchless. At the end of the day it is all up to you and what works best for your budget and your home.

How Does a Plumbing Camera Work?

inside of a pipe

A Plumbing Camera Can Go Deep into Pipes To Find Clogs and Cracks

If you are noticing that you are having plumbing issues but don’t want your entire piping system taken apart in order to find the problem, consider getting a sewer camera inspection service performed. A sewer inspection camera is a noninvasive thin camera that goes deep inside your pipes to locate and identify even the smallest of cracks. These plumbing cameras are more accurate than the human eye, and don’t require any construction as your plumbing stays intact.

A plumbing camera is less than half the cost of a regular plumbing inspection, since the price gets increased so much due to the manual labor and installation and repairs that have to take place with removing the pipes to inspect. A sewer inspection camera can identify if you have a leak in your water or sewer lines, causing backflow. If that is the case, you can remove all the contaminants from your water with Pelican Ozone Water Filtration. If you are interested in getting plumbing camera service for your Leander and Lago Vista, TX home, call Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing at (512) 260-7889 today.

What Can a Sewer Inspection Camera Find?

A plumbing camera can see even through thick sewage to find:

  • Clogs, and can identify what the clog is, whether it be buildup of grime or non flushable debris
  • Cracks and leaks in the sides of pipes
  • Rust and corrosion on pipes
  • Invading tree roots seen in underground sewage and water lines
  • Loose piping that needs to be repaired or replaced

Updating Your Home Before You Sell

Are you planning to sell your home sometime soon? You may want to consider doing a few upgrades in order to make your home worth more value than it already is. Even plumbing upgrades like changing out a few faucets or making sure that your water softener is running properly, can increase the value of your home and make it much easier to sell. When upgrading your home, consider adding a driveway seal to add even more value. These types of things tell buyers that you took care of your home and that they will not have to worry so much if things are going to stop working or walking into a home full of broken items.

What Kind Of Plumbing Items Can Add Value To Your Home


Update Your Home Today!

New Fixtures – The fixtures in your home say a lot about it. This includes the kinds of faucets you use as well. With so many options out there, it is best to go with something sleek and clean looking when you are selling and nothing too unique to your personal likes.

Water Softener – Putting a water softener in your home is a great investment. Most people love the feeling of softer water that won’t leave hard water spots on all of your glass and dishes. There are great affordable brands out there as well like a GE water softener.

A/C Checkup – Make sure there is nothing wrong with your air conditioner and that it is all up to date to avoid any kind of mess up.

When you want to sell your home in Leander and Lago Vista, TX, call Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing at (512) 260-7889 and let us get your plumbing ready to go.

What Is The Life Expectancy of PEX Plumbing?

Tired of your pipes bursting and always having to call for repairs? Repiping is great option to replacing those faulty and malfunctioning pipes. There are many piping options on the market, so narrowing down and choosing the best one for you is important. Consider your budget, how long you plan to live in the house, and if you don’t mind metallic tasting water from it flowing in metal pipes. Two durable and common forms of piping are the copper pipe and PEX pipe. If you are interested in learning whether copper or PEX plumbing would be better for your home, keep reading! If you have any questions, you can call Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing at (512) 260-7889 .

Is PEX Plumbing As Good As Copper?

Copper Pipes Can Burst When Frozen, Where a Plastic PEX Pipe Won’t

If you are looking to save money, PEX plumbing is definitely cheaper than copper. In fact, a PEX pipe will cost about 25 percent less than what copper pipes run for. Copper does last longer, with a lifespan of 40 to 60 years. A PEX pipe has a warranty of 25 years, but homeowners have PEX plumbing that is older than that and still running just fine. The metal pipes cannot bend well and aren’t good for small homes and tight spaces. On the contrary, PEX plumbing is made out of plastic and is very flexible, so they are better than copper for cramped spaces. A PEX pipe also installs way quicker than copper piping because the installation process is simpler with plastic compared to metal, as the plastic is simply snapped into place in its connector fittings or crimp rings.

How Safe is PEX Piping?

PEX plumbing is safer than copper plumbing! Since it is a newer invention compared to the tried-and-true copper piping, plumbers are still wary of it. Copper pipes are heavier and distributes chemicals and minerals from the metal lining into your drinking water every time water flows through the pipes. Copper will eventually rust over time, leaving sediment deposits in the pipes that will create clogs and require repairs. When a copper pipe freezes, it expands and bursts. A PEX pipe can extend more than eight times its size before it bursts! Since a PEX pipe is made out of plastic, it will never rust or leave sediment in the water. It is also lighter than metal pipes.

Call Us for Repiping Services

Should there ever be a clog, PEX plumbing is easy to take apart to remove the blockage and put back together again. Plastic is readily more available and affordable than metal, so should you ever need a replacement part, PEX piping will be cheaper and quicker to get. PEX plumbing is more affordable and has more benefits than copper plumbing. To get PEX plumbing repairs or installation services, call Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing at (512) 260-7889 today.

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair

Tree Roots Can Infiltrate and Clog a Sewer Line.

Sewer line issues are some of the worst problems that a homeowner must address. A home’s sewer line is vitally important for the proper function of its plumbing. All waste from every drain in your house exits through the sewer line, so a problem there will have major repercussions. If you notice any of the following, make sure to call for fast sewer line repair.

Slow Drains

Since every drain empties into the sewer line, slow drains around your home can indicate a central clog. If you ever notice that a drain seems slow, test other drains around your home. If you find comprehensively slow drains, make sure to call for a professional plumber. If you allow this problem to linger, waste will continue to back up against the clog in your sewer line. Eventually, once it has nowhere else to go, this sewage will come out of your home’s drains.

Bad Smells

Your home’s sewer line should remain permanently sealed. If you notice the telltale scent of sewage in your home or backyard, then you likely have a cracked or ruptured sewer line. Until you get this fixed, your sewer will continually leak waste into your yard. As this is a scenario that no one wants, call for fast service.

Pest Invasion

If you’ve never had a problem with rodents or insects like roaches, yet they have suddenly begun to appear, a sewer line leak may represent the reason. To determine if this is the case, you will need an inspection from a qualified plumber.

For help with any sewer line repair in Leander and Lago Vista, TX, call the expert team at Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing today. We’re available at (512) 260-7889 anytime you need plumbing inspection or service.

3 Benefits of A Water Softener

All water naturally comes as hard water, meaning that it is unfiltered and still has the minerals magnesium and calcium. While perfectly safe to drink, it does do some harm to your pipes and skin. Here are some benefits of getting a water softener that will remove these minerals from your water.

No More Clogged Pipes

A Water Softener Gives You Softener Skin and Hair

The minerals in hard water leave behind miniscule grains of sediment in your pipes, which eventually gather up into a big clog. This, combined with hair, grease, soap buildup, or food, can eventually produce a massive clog that would require professional help to remove. By getting a water softener, there is no more sediment residue in water.

Softer Skin and Shinier Hair

Have you ever dried off after swimming in an ocean, lake, or pond, and your skin feels dry? That’s because of the magnesium and calcium in the natural water. This is a result of your skin cells and the minerals and soap scum mixing together to produce that dull looking and scratchy feeling. People that have bathed in softened water have reported their hair looked shinier and their skin feeling smoother.

Cleaner Appliances

Just like hard water leaves residue in pipes, it will leave residue everywhere else. You will see soap scum stains on your tub and sink, and have water stains on your mirrors and silverware. Wash these products with a water softener and the stains are gone.

If you are interested in getting a water softener for your home, contact Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing at (512) 260-7889 today.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs


By Taking These Steps, You Can Prevent Clogs In Your System

When your drain is moving slowly or not at all, you probably have a clog in the line. While drain cleaning can remedy this, dealing with a clog can still be stressful. You may wonder how a clog could have formed in the line and if you could have prevented it. Actually, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent clogs from happening in your plumbing. Follow these steps for your home plumbing and protect your drains.

Steps That You Can Take

Watch What You Dump

With systems like garbage disposals, you may believe that you can throw just about anything down your drain. In recent years, many homeowners have begun to understand that this is not true. Your drains, garbage disposals, and pipes can be easily damaged by things you pour down. Avoid dumping food and grease down the system and dispose of them in another way.

Install Drain Guards

Even when you are careful about what you put down your drains, there can still be items that roll down, collect, and clog your system. Examples of this would be lint in your washer/dryer and hair in your bathtub drain. There are traps and guards you can install to collect these before they fall down your drains, stopping clogs.

Flush Your Drains Occasionally

It can be a good idea to flush your drain with a large amount of water. This can remove clogs and prevent the collection of grease and waste down your pipes. Fill up your sink, tub, or toilet tank with as much water as possible and then release the water down the drain. This is effective for low flow as well as standard systems.

Do you have a clog in your drain? Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing provides you with cleaning services to get your plumbing flowing again. Give us a call at (512) 260-7889 today!

3 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

Image from a Sewer Camera Inspection

A Sewer Camera Inspection Can Help You Better Understand the Condition of Your Pipes.

If your home is experiencing plumbing problems it is very important for you to get the right repairs to protect your home and your family. In the past diagnosing plumbing problems was a time-intensive and often inaccurate process. Today, plumbing companies such as Lantz's Lakeside Plumbing offer services for a sewer camera inspection to improve the way we diagnose and repair your significant plumbing and sewer problems.

Why Choose A Sewer Camera Inspection

Getting your plumbing repaired is an expensive and time intensive project. Scheduling a sewer camera inspection offers many benefits that can make this process smoother.

It is Fast and Efficient
Instead of having to guess where the problems is or what type of problem your pipes are having, a sewer camera inspection allows our staff to identify the location and type of problem within a few minutes.

It is More Accurate
Images from a pipe camera inspection can show our staff exactly what is happening inside your pipes. This allows us to recommend the right repairs to resolve your plumbing problems without any guesswork.

It is Non-Invasive
Traditional plumbing diagnostic methods often involve cutting into pipes or walls or digging up your landscaping. With a camera inspection, we are able to determine the issues inside your pipes without destroying your home.

When you are interested in scheduling an appointment for a sewer camera inspection in Leander, TX, contact our staff at (512) 260-7889. Let us help you find the right solution for all your plumbing needs.

The Danger of Slab Leaks

Is your home showing signs of a slab leak, such as an unexpected spike in your water bill, or pooling water on the first floor? Slab leaks occur if the water line underneath your home’s foundation slab pops a leak, and in time, this leak can create significant damage to your foundation and force its way up to your home.

Slab Leaks

It Is Best To Locate Slab Leaks As Early as Possible!

These leaks, contrary to regular leaks, can go undetected if you are not careful, and create significance levels of damage if not fixed by professionals as soon as possible.Today we will go over a few ways you can easily detect if you have a slab leak in your home.

How To Find A Slab Leak!

While slab leaks expose themselves eventually in the form of water leaking on your house’s ground floor or in the basement, understand that it is greatest for your house when your family can identify the problem long before that happens. Use the tips below to find a slab leak before it can additionally hurt your home!

Watch Your Water Bill:

To remain on top of leaks, it is critical that you keep an eye on your water bill, and be alert for unexpected spikes in use.

Try This Easy Test:

An additional smart way to be prepared for slab leaks is to every now and then turn off any water inside the home, and check out the reading on the water meter. When all of the water in the house is turned off, but the water meter is still running, there is a leak located in the plumbing.

We can find as well as repair your house’s slab leak much quicker if you can recognize it before it starts to flood into the home. Call us today at (512) 260-7889 for repairs, or to learn more!


How To React In Various Plumbing Emergencies

Have you ever experienced a plumbing emergency at home? Generally, plumbing emergencies are accompanied by floods of water, and large messes. Many times when our emergency plumbers arrive on the scene, there is already a significant amount of damage that could have been avoided with one simple step by the homeowner. Today we will go over the various ways you can turn off the water in the event of a plumbing emergency at home. It only takes a minute, and you can do it right before, right after, or even at the same time you call for emergency repairs!

Flooding or Overflowing Appliances/Sinks/Toilets

Plumbing Emergency

Using These Tips, You Can Avoid Unnecessary Water Damage To Your Home!

In most homes, you ‘ll notice that water-using appliances have special hook ups behind them. With those hookups, there will be a small knob. That knob is the water shut-off valve for that appliance. Each of your sinks and toilets should be equipped with one as well. By closing that valve, typically by turning it to the right until it comes to a full stop, you can prevent anymore water from accessing that appliance. This is the quickest way to stop and overflowing sink, toilet, washing machine, refrigerator, and similar appliances.

Burst Pipe In The Walls Or Under The Floor

If a pipe has burst inside of your wall, or if you hear a leak in walls or floor, you may not know which pipe is causing the leak. Don’t worry, your plumber will locate that when he or she gets there. For now, locate your main water line shut-off valve, and turn it off. (You can usually find this valve in front on one of the front walls outside of your home, possibly hidden in the garden.) This will turn off all of the water inside of your house, stopping any leaks immediately. When the plumber arrives, the leak will be repaired, and the water will be turned back on.

Main Water Line Break

If you’ve come home to a flooded yard, your main water valve may not be able to shut it off. In this case, there is one last valve you can try, the one located close to the street in front of your house. This is the valve that the city uses to control water access to your home. In emergencies, you can use that valve to shut off the water to your home, though not all cities allow civilian access to those valves.

If you find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency, call our team ASAP for repairs at (512) 260-7889!