The Danger of Slab Leaks

Is your home showing signs of a slab leak, such as an unexpected spike in your water bill, or pooling water on the first floor? Slab leaks occur if the water line underneath your home’s foundation slab pops a leak, and in time, this leak can create significant damage to your foundation and force its way up to your home.

Slab Leaks

It Is Best To Locate Slab Leaks As Early as Possible!

These leaks, contrary to regular leaks, can go undetected if you are not careful, and create significance levels of damage if not fixed by professionals as soon as possible.Today we will go over a few ways you can easily detect if you have a slab leak in your home.

How To Find A Slab Leak!

While slab leaks expose themselves eventually in the form of water leaking on your house’s ground floor or in the basement, understand that it is greatest for your house when your family can identify the problem long before that happens. Use the tips below to find a slab leak before it can additionally hurt your home!

Watch Your Water Bill:

To remain on top of leaks, it is critical that you keep an eye on your water bill, and be alert for unexpected spikes in use.

Try This Easy Test:

An additional smart way to be prepared for slab leaks is to every now and then turn off any water inside the home, and check out the reading on the water meter. When all of the water in the house is turned off, but the water meter is still running, there is a leak located in the plumbing.

We can find as well as repair your house’s slab leak much quicker if you can recognize it before it starts to flood into the home. Call us today at (512) 260-7889 for repairs, or to learn more!