5 Signs You Need to Have Your Toilet Repaired Now

5 Signs You Need to Have Your Toilet Repaired Now

These Signs Indicate That You Should Get Toilet Repairs.

Having a full functioning toilet is incredibly important for your home or business. Because it is a plumbing system that is used the most, it needs to necessary maintenance and repairs to keep it in good condition. However, most people don’t know when toilet repairs are needed. Below are five signs you need toilet repairs in your residential or commercial property.

Constantly Running

Even after you have flushed the toilet over five minutes ago, the toilet continues to run and run. It is probably caused by a damaged flapper and will need repairs ASAP in order to stop wasting water.

Ghost Flushing

This is a very odd name for a pretty common toilet ailment. Ghost flushing is when you hear a toilet flush while no one is in the bathroom. The simple explanation for this is that water is draining from the tank slowly. It’s an easy fix that will repair the flapper.

Perpetual Clogs

Toilet clogs are perfectly normal, but is your toilet constantly clogging? This really isn’t a normal occurrence¬†and should be dealt with immediately.

Leaks From Toilet

The water from your toilet should stay in the tank or the bowl. Leaks can appear at the base of the toilet due to a damaged toilet flange.

Cracks on the Toilet Bowl

If you are experiencing leaks it could be because of a defective flange, or because of cracks in the bowl. Usually, you’ll notice cracks by the bottom of the toilet. Call a plumber now in order to get repairs.

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