4 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing Drains Free of Clogs

When it comes to our plumbing¬†drains, if they are draining properly, they have to be in good condition. While this might seem obvious, it’s not always that simple. Our drains ensure the water and other waste is correctly disposed of, so having them in good shape is vital. For ways to keep your drains clog-free, here are five helpful tips.

4 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing Drains Free of Clogs

Know What You Can and Can’t Flush

It may seem okay to flush disposable wipes and tissues, but it can actually damage your toilet. Human waste and toilet paper should be the only thing your flush so you can keep drains clog-free.

Invest in a Drain Strainer

There are a lot of foods that can’t go down your kitchen sink such as rice, pasta, coffee grounds, just to name a few. If you place a strainer at the opening of your drain, the strainer will be able to catch foods that shouldn’t go down the drain.

Use Cold Water While Using the Garbage Disposal

Get your drain clog-free with this helpful garbage disposal. Before and after using your garbage disposal, run cold water. The cold water will help any food particles from sticking to your pipes.

Do Not Pour Grease Down the Drain

This is an important drain clog-free tip; do not under any circumstance pour grease down the drain. The hot grease will eventually congeal and coat the pipes.

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