3 Signs of Grinder Pump Damage

Sewer Backup Caused From Grinder Pump DamageA grinder pump is an essential part of the plumbing process. Before waste is distributed to the sewer system, it is “grinded down” by this pump. If you are a resident of Austin, TX and are concerned you require grinder pump repair, you should contact Lantz’s Lakeside Plumbing. Also, look for these 3 signs of grinder pump damage:

Distinct Noise

If you hear a high-pitched sound coming from your pump, it is further indication of damage. This noise is usually caused by what is known as “clotting”. Clotting occurs when debris builds up so much that it forms sediment. Sediment can easily damage the interior of the pump and slows it down significantly. This symptom requires immediate plumbing assistance to resume the operation of your grinder pump.

Sewage Backup

Austin is a warmer climate, but it does reserve the potential to get colder during winter. If you notice sewage unable to be disposed of, and brown liquid coming from the faucet or showerhead, your pump could be frozen. Depending on how deeply underground the pump was initially installed at, it could be hovering above the freezing line, which can cause the sewage to freeze and clog the entire path.

Sewage Leaks

If sewage has leaked onto your lawn, or even in your house, it is a major indication of a grinder problem. The origin of this problem stems from a blockage in the pump. This is generally caused by mud, debris, and dirt, or the disposal of non-soluble waste like kitty litter and paint. These materials accumulate at the bottom of the pump and form a blockage. One maintenance activity to help prevent this occurrence, is periodically using a water hose to spray off dirt on the pump. Call (512) 267-1188 for grinder pump  damage repair in Austin, TX.