3 Benefits of A Water Softener

All water naturally comes as hard water, meaning that it is unfiltered and still has the minerals magnesium and calcium. While perfectly safe to drink, it does do some harm to your pipes and skin. Here are some benefits of getting a water softener that will remove these minerals from your water.

No More Clogged Pipes

A Water Softener Gives You Softener Skin and Hair

The minerals in hard water leave behind miniscule grains of sediment in your pipes, which eventually gather up into a big clog. This, combined with hair, grease, soap buildup, or food, can eventually produce a massive clog that would require professional help to remove. By getting a water softener, there is no more sediment residue in water.

Softer Skin and Shinier Hair

Have you ever dried off after swimming in an ocean, lake, or pond, and your skin feels dry? That’s because of the magnesium and calcium in the natural water. This is a result of your skin cells and the minerals and soap scum mixing together to produce that dull looking and scratchy feeling. People that have bathed in softened water have reported their hair looked shinier and their skin feeling smoother.

Cleaner Appliances

Just like hard water leaves residue in pipes, it will leave residue everywhere else. You will see soap scum stains on your tub and sink, and have water stains on your mirrors and silverware. Wash these products with a water softener and the stains are gone.

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